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Tony’s Bistro Recipes.

Every day, Tony produce some local recipes for you if you don’t want to go out for diner. He used exclusively fresh and local products and in small quantities. don’t forget to order ! you can order 24H a day

  • Sandwiches : € 4.90
    • The classics :
      • The classic: Ham, butter, Emmental
      • Le Fermier: minced chicken *, green salad, tomato, Bray tome
    • Trends: Organic Bun
      • the Normand : chicken meat, salad, tomato, onion chutney, Normand cream
      • the vegetarian: salad, tomato, candied peppers, organic tome of Bray , candied onion honey and raisins
  • Starter: € 4.90
    • Italian salad: Tomato, mozzarella, green salad, parmesan cheese, raw ham shavings
    • Authentic Nice salad: Tuna, egg, anchovies, radishes, black olives, peppers, basil
    • Greek salad: Tomato, red onion, olives, cucumber, feta cheese, green salad
  • Main Dishes: € 9.90
    • Creamy rice tomato parmentier and pepper coulis,
    • Chopped chicken thigh, mashed potato, chorizo ​​cream
  • Desserts: 6 €
    • Verrine Panna Cotta red fruits (raspberry coulis) gluten free
    • Verrine Tiramisu mascarpone chocolate
    • Jar of farm milk ice cream, gluten-free caramel with fleur de sel
    • Fresh fruit salad
* Farmer chicken Grand Maitre 100 days outside
Dishes are served in your room or in the breakfast room, if authorized.