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Emmanuelle and Georges-André PIAT and all the staff are happy to welcome you and provide you with this information in order to prepare and make your stay more pleasant as possible.

Our services


For your reservations and confirmations, you can contact the airports nearby :

  • Paris airports: 3,950 (including Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly)
  • Beauvais Airport:

The hotel bar 

Open 7 days a week, you will find there many specialties of Whiskeys, Calvados and Rums, but also an innovative wine by the glass service as well as soft drinks.

Laundry and ironing 

From Monday to Friday, a laundry service is available. For a return during the day, please leave your laundry bag at the reception before 09:00.
It is strictly forbidden to iron into your room, this for security reasons. We can iron a shirt on request.

Room Card

The room card only manages the door of your room and the outdoor. Do not forget to give it back to the reception at your departure.

Eco-responsible approach 

We practice an eco-responsible approach. Your simple gestures can greatly contribute to this:

– The hotel has water reducers
– The toilet flushes are double flow or variable for the hydro flushes
– 80% of the hotel’s lamps are either low consumption or LED.
– We practice selective sorting
– Put the towels you wish to change in the sink;
– Don’t forget to turn off the lights and the television when you leave your room;
– The radiator tap is thermostatic; turn it down if you leave the window open.


The Hotel de l’Europe has imagined 3 different room categories. If you want to discover them during a next stay ask the reception.

Mail, printing and bus tickets 

We can take care of sending your mail. Drop off your letters at reception. The hotel has a printer for quick and small prints. You can also buy bus tickets valid throughout the network.

Safety deposit

You can leave your valuables in the hotel private safe. The hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss of your valuables in the rooms.


Shaving and dental kits are available at the reception at a unit price of € 3.50. Sewing kit also available on request.


The electrical power of the hotel is 220 volts. Adapters are available.


You room is made up every day in your room, if you do not want it done, please contact reception.


The rooms are available from 3 p.m. The rental ends the next day at 11:30 a.m. Any overrun may result in the billing of the daily rate. Late departure may be considered, you must contact the reception.


We are in contact with emergency doctors and nurses; contact the reception if necessary. Samu  : 15
The hotel has a basic necessities kit.


Are accepted: Credit cards, Visa, American Express, Eurocard, Holiday vouchers.


The hotel is equipped with High Speed ​​Wifi system, Network  : EUROPE. Mdp : hotel1960

Room service and food

If you use our Room service, the tray will be cleared by our receptionist. If you want an outdoor catering option, please inform the reception. The addition of an external container is a source of contamination and leads to increase the weight of the waste to be treated by the hotel.

Car park

A public car park (Parking de la Pucelle) is available near the hotel. We have a special agreement with it (10 € for 16 hours).


Our buffet breakfast is served in the bar room from 6.45 am to 9.30 am from Monday to Friday; weekends and holidays from 07:00 to 11:00. You will find a lovely, delicious and always varied breakfast there.


– To program your alarm clock: Dial * 55 followed by the alarm time in 4 digits then hang up.
– To cancel the operation, lift the handset, dial # 55 and hang up.
The reception can also program the alarm clock for you.

Nearby restaurants

We offer a stopover package in partnership with the restaurant “  d’Eux-Mêmes  ” located at Place du Vieux Marché.

Some cool places


Safety and evacuation instructions are posted on the door of your room.

Night Service

The hotel is open 24 hours a day and attentive staff are on hand 24 hours a day.
Do not hesitate to expose your requests to this one, he will do the maximum to answer them as far as possible


– To call an outside correspondent: Dial 0 then the telephone number.
– To contact the reception, dial 9.
– To call from one room to another: Dial 4 then the room number.


You have a flat screen TV in your room, which has foreign channels in several language. If you have any trouble with the TV, you can contact reception.

61 Rai uno, 62, Rai, 63 German, 64 English broadcast,

Culture, shopping in Rouen  

You will find during your stay in Rouen a multitude of activities, an infinity of large brands but also many small unique shops. We open our address book for you.

Flea and Entertainment

  • Le Rêve de l’Escalier , this bookshop will delight young and old. Michael Aka, known as “Monsieur Rêve” awaits you on Rue Cauchoise, near the Jeanne D’Arc Church.
  • Select Records , Gregory Piedagnel welcomes you to his endless record store. Record store in Rouen from father to son since 2011.
  • The Lost Worlds , fans of the 70’s? The world of comics will no longer have any secrets for you! Store specialized in records and comics located Rue Cauchoise.
  • Retro Design , open only during the weekend, this store is located Rue Beauvoisine. You will fill find rare but authentic pieces, for people who likes 70’s design


The city of Rouen has many varied markets, we suggest you discover three of them located near the hotel.

  • Place du Vieux-Marché   from Tuesday to Sunday, you will find fruits and vegetables as well as flowers.
  • Saint Mark’s Square:   Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all types of food products. You will also find flea market items specially from Friday to Sunday.
  • Place Cauchoise:  Friday, this market brings together small producers and artisans for your enjoyment.

Local gastronomy

    • Chocolaterie Hautot : Olivier Hautot, Maître chocolatier awaits you in his shop located Place Du Vieux Marché
    • Fromagerie du Vieux -Marché : located on Rue Rollon, you will find all kinds of quality cheeses just a few steps from the hotel.
    • La Boutique du Bœuf Normand : for your Norman cold cuts and groceries, go to Place de La Pucelle.