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Pay only what you think it’s worth

Book one of our exclusive Sleeper room and « pay only what you think it’s worth »*

*Minimum bid for Sleeper room: 50€

The choice is yours


Week-end offer

One night may not be enough, so book a second night and save 10% on the daily rate.
A good excuse to stay a little longer.


Summer 2020

Already thinking about it? Do not miss our two unbeatable offers in the quality/price ratio.
for 2 persons:

– Sleeper Room* 75 €
– Classic Room* 95 €

*If you book our buffet breakfast pay 10 instead of 15. “save more money”

You can find less, but it’s more expensive.


Special offers

Throughout the year we participate in our own way to the success of downtown business operations.

There is cheaper, but it’s further