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Pay what you think it worth

Summer time Sleeper Room Offer :

Summer time Sleeper Room offer :  Ofently hotelkeeper imposed you a room type and a price. We decide this summer from july 15 till August 31 2019, to propose you something different in our new room category. The minimum bid is 50 euros, afterwards, according to your own judgement,  criteria and objectivity, we will propose to pay the amount of what you think it’s worth. This offer is only available by booking in direct or via our internet site and only in our sleeper category.

Benefits related to the summer time Sleeper offer :

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  1.  Pay what you will ( you will have to mention on the reservation) PWYW
  2. We only have 6 sleeper cabin ( 5 double)
  3.  Discount of 5 euros on our full price buffet breakfast
  4. Wifi connection from our airport extrem terminal.
best deal

Bed and Breakfast : 30% less if you book direct

Best deal :

Best deal on the web : booking direct on our website is not complicated and safe as well as if you book through any online travel agencies. Our website is very secure and, of course, you will get the best room for the cheapest price.

Online travel Agencies :

Well, of course, you can still book through an online travel agency, but that means you like to pay more.

Benefits related to this rate :

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  1. Cheapest room rate on the market on BB Basis ;
  2. Discount up to 30% ;
  3. Wifi Free ;
  4. Cancellation for free within one day prior ;
  5. Check-in and Check out time at your convenient.
week-end rate

Week-end deal start at 95 €/night, including buffet breakfast

Week-end rate : 

The week-end rate is the most appropriate deal you can expect, if you want to stay with us for a couple of nights. Choose this rate, this is value for money.

Of course you can book though a travel agency, but you will pay more.

Then to thank you, check below what we will propose to you. Check our smart  “Signature or Classique”  rooms.

Benefits related to this rate : 

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  1. Special Price on the buffet breakfast ( 30% discount) ;
  2. Special agreement with the Car park (30% Discount) ;
  3. Free wifi connection through our airport extrem ;
  4. Cancellation for free within one day prior ;
  5. Our best room ;
  6. If you just want to stay one night only, cost will be 4 euros extra.

seven-days rate

Seven days rate : More you stay, less you pay.

Seven days : 

The Seven days rate is a specially examined offer on condition of remaining a minimum of seven days. Thus, you can book until 48 hours before your arrival date (insofar as there is availability). However, this rate is only available on Standard and Superior categories.

Unlike the daily rate, several services will be offered à la carte. However, when validating your reservation, don’t forget to choose, in terms of services, those you want in particular.

Benefits related to the Seven days rate: 

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  • Buffet breakfast included ;
  • Extra for twin ( 15€/weekly) ;
  • Special agreement with the Car park 6€/day ;
  • Room made up daily plus wifi (90€ Weekly).